FINS or Fish In Need of Support is an organisation that dedicates itself to fighting fish welfare issues

We have worked on a number of cases where fish have been mistreated, Kept in unsuitable conditions or have been abandoned. We are also working on two quite major projects at the moment which more details will be available soon.

We also have rescued many fish for varying reasons which are either kept in our tanks or rehoused into more permanent homes.

Our fish are housed in a local charity for people with mental health issues, the visitors can come to the centre and help look after the various types of fish we rescue. This gives us a dual purpose of rescuing sick or unwanted fish whilst also helping people with mental health issues give them something to occupy them.

There is a website for the Mental Health Action Group charity where our fish get housed either temporary or permanent the link for MHAGs website is

FINS does not receive any funding ourselves further information can be found on our donation page.

If you wish to contact us for any reason please use the 'contact us' page with any query.